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Warning! Scaffold With Care

Interestingly, those responsible for implementing recommendations of the Munro Review within the UK are now concerned that when shifting away from an over-reliance on “guidelines, targets and rules” that they not “kick away the scaffolding” without safe transition plans in place.

Follow along the discussion in the UK and have a read of the minutes of the Munro Review Implementation Working Group, then consider the questions below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts!

  1. If Queensland were to reduce our reliance on the various guidelines, targets and rules that we have in place to ensure service quality, might we similarly be at risk of kicking away some necessary scaffolding? 
  2. If we were to reduce our reliance on “procedure”, do we have the level of “professional expertise” needed to fill the gap?

Lindsay Wegener – Executive Director, PeakCare

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