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Solution: Suprise Visits?

It is important to consider that Professor Munro did not recommend the removal of all frameworks and systems for managing and monitoring service quality in the UK.  What she recommended however was a shift in focus away from “compliance” to what “really matters” – that being, whether or not children and families are actually being helped.

In particular, Professor Munro recommended that the system of scheduled “inspections” that are conducted in the UK be replaced with inspections conducted on an “unannounced basis” to reduce the administrative and bureaucratic burden currently involved in preparing for an inspection.

  1. What might it be like within Queensland if, in place of “planned external evaluations” of care services, these were replaced by “unplanned inspections or assessments”? 
  2. Could this be managed in ways that reduce the bureaucratic burden of preparing for evaluations?  
  3. Would “unplanned inspections or assessments” provide a better picture of the true quality of services being provided to children, young people and families?

Lindsay Wegener – Executive Director, PeakCare

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