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LNP Announces Youth Justice Initiatives

In a bid to “break the cycle of youth crime and detention”, the LNP has announced that they will:

  • deliver extra school and community-based police, and
  • allocate $2 million over two years to trial a Youth Boot Camp Diversion Program.

The LNP states that boosting the numbers of police in schools will “help prevent crime through the development of positive partnerships between police, students and the broader school community”.

Within three years, 50 schools will have school and community-based police.  An ‘Adopt a School’ program that connects local police and local schools will be established where there is no permanent school-based police officer.

The trial Youth Boot Camp Diversion Program will be introduced for young people convicted of offences who would otherwise be sentenced to detention.  The trial program will deliver structured training, mentoring and support for 80 young people.

If you have a view or opinion about the LNP’s youth justice initiatives, please enter a comment below or email us at

Lindsay Wegener

Executive Director

PeakCare Queensland

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  1. I made a comment on this recently on my blog, in relation to bootcamps, and research pointing to the lack of significant success. However, I have suggested that it is a term that endears itself to the public and perhaps a modified version that focuses on developing relational capacity through strong youthworker-young person relationship and a trauma informed approach may yield good results. more detail here:


    March 30, 2012

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