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PeakCare’s Election Video Series: Video 2

After watching Minister Phil Reeves and Shadow Minister Tracy Davis talking about ways in which they will reduce the over-reliance on tertiary child protection responses if elected to government, have you got a view about the matters they discussed?

If so, please feel free to enter your comments below or email your thoughts to PeakCare via

Lindsay Wegener

Executive Director

PeakCare Queensland  

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  1. Phil Reeves is totally unconvincing in these videos. It’s so obvious that he’s reading from an auto-cue and that he really has no idea what he’s talking about. I’m certain that he wouldn’t have the first clue about the Family Inclusion Network and the important work that the Townsville chapter, in particular, carries out. The videos further cement my view that Child Protection needs a dedicated department with a Minister who has a deep understanding of the issues and who can manage the portfolio efficiently.
    Neither party has committed to a dedicated Child Protection Department as opposed to one that’s lumped in with Sport. Tracy Davis, does show some understanding of child protection issues, but I’m still not convinced of her sincerity. What a tragedy for Queensland’s families.

    March 17, 2012
  2. Now I have followed the series to the end it is apparent that the peak bodies will have to move consistently to promote the work of their members and ensure that the reform needed does occur with the very best interests of children and families. This will only come about if government policy strengthens services not weakens them.

    If the Sunday Mail is correct and the Report Card still says -“room for improvement” and “try harder” – so be it. Just like a good teacher with a student a lot can be accomplished with being clear in what has to be done and follwing through.

    Peak bodies such as Peak Care and Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak and Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Human Services Coaltion can support the longevity of the Family Inclusion Network and the work of the Townsville chapter.

    March 23, 2012

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