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Child Protection Expos – Coming Your Way Soon

Planning for five Child Protection Expos to be held in different locations across the State is now well and truly underway.  We have selected a much more exciting title than Child Protection Expo, but you will need to wait before that is revealed in a future edition of eNews.

Our aim is to make the Child Protection Expos events that are about the people, for the people, by the people. 

About the people

Child protection is a “people-business”.  Our key asset is the people who design and deliver the services provided to thousands of Queensland children, young people and families every day of the week, every week of the year.  Our Child Protection Expos will be about show-casing your work so that others can meet and hear from you about the challenges you face as well as the success you experience every day in making a difference in the lives of children, young people and families.

To this end, a broad range of organisations – remembering that child protection is everyone’s business – will be invited to set up displays and presentations.  In addition, a series of facilitated “roundtable discussions” will be held during the course of each Expo to hear your views and exchange opinions about topical issues concerning child protection.

For the people

The Expos will be held in five locations – we would hold them in even more locations if we possibly could!   This is to maximise the capacity of people to attend an Expo and to keep the costs of their attendance low.

At this stage, we are planning to hold an Expo:

1)      within the corridor extending from southern Brisbane through Logan City and Beenleigh to the Gold Coast

2)      within the corridor extending from northern Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast

3)      at Toowomba

4)      at Rockhampton, and

5)      at Townsville.

By the people

We need your participation and support to make the Expos a success – so that we can truly say that they are events about the people, for the people, by the people!

To this end, we are inviting expressions of interest from people who would like to be our “sounding boards” and “fonts of local knowledge”.  Your major role would be to serve as contact people with whom PeakCare staff can consult about:

  • local venues that might be suitable for an Expo and their preferred dates
  • local organisations that can be invited to set up displays and deliver presentations
  • ways in which news about each Expo can be distributed amongst local networks and attendance encouraged
  • local people who may be invited to participate as panel members during roundtable discussions, and
  • the topics that should be addressed during the roundtable discussions to ensure that there is a mix of State-wide and local issues covered.

If you are interested in being a local contact person, please send an email to Your email should briefly state the name of the organisation you work for, the position you hold within this organisation and your contact details.  You may also like to add any particular ways in which you may be able to provide assistance such as your membership of a local interagency group.

Over oncoming weeks, you will hear more about a range of promotional activities that we will be conducting to make sure that the Expos are events to remember.  Please feel free to enter comments to this post or email about any ideas you have or features that you would like us to incorporate within the Expos – remember that the Expos are to be about the people, for the people, by the people so your comments and feedback will be very much appreciated!

Lindsay Wegener

Executive Director – PeakCare Queensland

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